Group/Category 2
Close Encounters - Objects Within 500' of Witness

The Monon RR UFO Incident
October 3,  1958
Central Indiana

Richard Hall:
Inquisitiveness & Reaction to Environment: In case after case, UFOs singly or in formation have paced or followed automobiles, trains, airplanes, and rockets. Often the UFOs have circled the device and taken "evasive action" when pursued. 

A Monon Railroad freight train was proceeding through Clinton County, Central Indiana, October 3, 1958. About 3:10 a.m. a formation of four odd white lights crossed ahead of the train. The UFOs turned and traversed the full length of the train, front to back (about a half mile) observed by the entire crew. 

After passing the rear of the train, the objects swung east, turned back and followed the train. The bright glow concealed the exact shape of the UFOs, but they appeared flattened and some times flew on edge. Operating part of the time in-line abreast with coordinated motions, the objects followed the train until the conductor shone a bright light on them. Immediately, the UFOs sped away, but returned quickly and continued to pace the train. Total time of observation: about 1 hour 10 minutes. Finally the UFOs moved away to the northeast and disappeared. 

The coordinated maneuvers in formation, reaction to a bright beam of light, and pacing of the train, all suggest some form of intelligence. 


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